Hi Milan,

Here is a FrameMaker solution you can try for fun (at your own risk). 
Assuming you don't anticipate much page flow and you are using unstructured 
FrameMaker, try this:

1) Open the document.

2) Press Esc p z and click Freeze.

3) Put your cursor at the bottom of each content page and press Return until 
a new "point" page is added.

4) Go to each of the new, "blank" point pages. Choose Format > Page Layout > 
Master Page Usage and apply "None" master page to each of the point pages. 
This will suppress the point page numbers.

Before you get too excited, check the document carefully. You may encounter 
any of the following problems:

* Autonumbers will reset in each of the text frames.
* Tables that break across pages will short circuit the page numbers.

You can reverse the frozen pages by choosing Esc p z and clicking Unfreeze.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> I'm working on a legacy doc (unstructured; Frame 7.2); the author is
> no longer available for consultation.
> In the Frame file, I have six pages, numbered x of 6. I have a PDF of
> this file (the previously approved and released version, which I am
> now revising); each of these pages is followed by a blank page. Let's
> assume that these are needed -- I don't know why, and there isn't time
> to find out.
> Does anyone know of something I can set up in the Frame file so that I
> don't have to remember to add the pages in Acrobat? As far as I can
> tell, the addition of blank pages was done manually. I tried adding
> Disconnected Pages in Frame, but it affects the page count.
> Many thanks.
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> Milan Davidovic
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