Hi all,

Just to wrap this up, I decided to go with Rick's idea (below). Once
I've added the pages, I don't have to think about them any more, and
I'm more likely to have to regenerate PDFs of the book in which this
file resides than to have to make changes to this particular file that
affect pagination.

That said, the other ideas have provided me good food for thought;
thank you very much for the time you took to write them up and post
them to the list or send them to me privately.


On 9/19/07, Rick Quatro <frameexpert at truevine.net> wrote:
> Hi Milan,
> Here is a FrameMaker solution you can try for fun (at your own risk).
> Assuming you don't anticipate much page flow and you are using unstructured
> FrameMaker, try this:
> 1) Open the document.
> 2) Press Esc p z and click Freeze.


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