What Fred said.

Also, if you are going to Structured Frame, you can import the word
document and then use a conversion table to map the word styles to
structured Frame elements. 


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verner.andersen at radiometer.dk asked:> 
> What is easietst way of mapping Word styles to Framemaker 
> pagraphs when importing from Word to Framemaker?
> One solution is in Word to rename all Word styles to Framemaker
> paragraph names before importing. 
> I was wondering whether there was an easier way, maybe a utility?

In my experience importing more than 10k pages of Word content
into FrameMaker, the best way to leave behind the maximum
amount of Word-specific (or Word-peculiar) formatting is to 
rename the styles used in the Word document to match the
style names already established in the FrameMaker template.
I used a couple of Word macros to do the actual renaming and 
then check for paragraphs with unexpected styles so that I 
could remap those non-compliant paragraphs by hand. 

It's also possible to do the retagging in FrameMaker after 
importing using FrameScript (Rick Quatro's script suite includes
a nice tool for this), but I have found that this tends to bring
more Word garbage (for lack of a better word) into the Frame
environment. I wanted the post-conversion files to be as clean
as possible, and this meant using Word style names that 
matched the FrameMaker template so that you could leave 
behind all the specific formatting details except the tag name.

But I must admit that the Word source documents were more
than 95% compliant with a well-controlled Word template, which
I would guess is a fairly exceptional case. With less compliant
source material there is certainly going to be more hand work
to clean up the mapping.

-Fred Ridder 
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