If you have ANY version of Acrobat 7 or 8 already installed on
your system, you absolutely DON'T want the castrated version of
Distiller that comes with FrameMaker 8!

        - Dov

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> Subject: Is 3D Distiller required to process U3D files in FM 8 ?
> I'm playing with the eval version of FM 8, installed on a system that
> already has Acrobat 8.1 Pro installed. The FM 8 installation refused
> to install the embedded distiller because a more current version
> already existed.
> I've embedded a U3D file in a FM file, and everything looks good. The
> 3D menu is active and I can change background colors and suck.
> But when I run it through the Acrobat 8.1 Pro distiller, there isn't
> any 3D functionality in the PDF.
> So the question is whether the FM 8 embedded distiller or Acrobat 8 3D
> needs to be present in order to generate a 3D PDF from FM 8. Or if
> there's something else required that I'm missing.
> Thanks,
> Art

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