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>... the question on the table is whether Acrobat 8 Pro can take 3D output 
>from Frame and generate a 3D

* Distiller 7 and later versions support embedding of U3D files in PDFs. 
The authoring application does not matter for this process, as long as the 
3D data is defined properly in the PS file being distilled. I'm not aware 
of any differences between the Distiller application included with Acrobat 
Professional and Acrobat 3D (or even Acrobat Standard).

* Make sure that in File > Preferences, the "Don't embed 3D model file in 
PDF" preference is turned off.

* Are you using "Save as PDF"? Support for the embedding of U3D files in 
PDFs in FrameMaker 8.0 only works when using "Save as PDF" (when printing 
to a PS file and distilling, an inactive bitmap of the 3D model is displayed).

* Are there any 3D-related messages in the console?

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