I have another question about Template Mapper, does anyone have a copy they 
would be willing to share with me and then/when Chris resurfaces, I can pay him 
for the copy I have. It would not be fair to him for me to pay someone else for 
what he created. Also, my need is right now and I am also posting in a very 
public forum that I would be responsible for paying him in full when we find 
him or he finds us. Does this sound ok to everyone here?? Thanks again you 

On 9/27/07, richard.melanson at us.tel.com <richard.melanson at us.tel.com> 
> Hello,
> I sure could use a copy of this product called Template Mapper. At the moment 
> I am converting a ton of Word files into Framemaker and this would save me 
> LOTS of time and effort. Has the gentleman who created this shared it with 
> anyone yet, or has anyone been able to contact him. Thank you in advance 
> everyone for any help you can give me on this.
> Rick
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> Hi Rebecca,
> I have Chris' e-mail, but am not sure how he feels about sharing it. I'll 
> contact him and ask him to reply to the list with the contact info he's 
> willing to provide.
> ...Susan
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> Anyone know how to get it? The cudspan website seems to have vanished 
> off the face of the web. :-(
> Thanks, Rebecca

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