I am also VERY interested in purchasing this tool if Mr. Despopoulos is
still offering it.

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I have another question about Template Mapper, does anyone have a copy
they would be willing to share with me and then/when Chris resurfaces, I
can pay him for the copy I have. It would not be fair to him for me to
pay someone else for what he created. Also, my need is right now and I
am also posting in a very public forum that I would be responsible for
paying him in full when we find him or he finds us. Does this sound ok
to everyone here?? Thanks again you guys. 

On 9/27/07, richard.melanson at us.tel.com <richard.melanson at us.tel.com>
> Hello,
> I sure could use a copy of this product called Template Mapper. At the
moment I am converting a ton of Word files into Framemaker and this
would save me LOTS of time and effort. Has the gentleman who created
this shared it with anyone yet, or has anyone been able to contact him.
Thank you in advance everyone for any help you can give me on this.
> Rick
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> Hi Rebecca,
> I have Chris' e-mail, but am not sure how he feels about sharing it.
I'll contact him and ask him to reply to the list with the contact info
he's willing to provide.
> ...Susan
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> Subject: Re: Mapping of Word styles to Framemaker paragrahps
> Anyone know how to get it? The cudspan website seems to have vanished 
> off the face of the web. :-(
> Thanks, Rebecca

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