dspreadb at yahoo.com asked:
> What is wrong with using the Watched Folders feature of Acrobat Distiller.
> Install Distiller on the remote server and have it launch whenever the 
> server is booted. Print your postscript files to the IN watched folder. 
> Distiller will automatically place the PDF in the OUT watched folder.

The last time I read the Acrobat EULA, it expressly forbids installing 
Distiller on a server, and also expressly forbids configuring a desktop
installation of Distiller from being configured to use a watched folder 
that is accessible to more than one user (e.g. is on a network). Their
clear intent is to license Acrobat is a single-user desktop application. 
If you want to install a legal PDF creation server you must buy a 
license for Distiller Server (a much more expensive license).

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