Hi, Syed:

>  In tables that do not "stretch" over the entire page width, table
>  footnotes do not stretch to the page width either. They wrap --- pretty
>  much at the right edge of the rightmost table column.
>  Is there a way to change this? I.e., have the table be relatively narrow
>  and yet have the table footnote go all the way across the page (or to
>  some other setting point)?

You can imitate table footnotes:

* Change the table footnote paragraph format to white text, 2pt, no
space above/below, run-into paragraph. This makes them very small, all
on one line below the table.

* Delete or rename the Reference-page table footnote separator frame.
This eliminates space between the table and the tiny invisible

* Create a new paragraph format for your fake table footnotes.

* Create a new cross-reference format for your fake table footnotes,
with the building block <$paranumonly>.


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

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