A quick and simple method is to find/change all characters marked with
change bars to a conditional text, for example called "Changebars". Then
select all text in the document and create another conditional text called
"Everything" and apply it to the whole document. Choose to hide all
conditions tagged "Everything" and show conditions tagged "Changebars". As a
result only the characters with change bars is shown.

You only get changed/inserted characters. If you want whole lines or
paragraphs I believe you have to go for a scripting solution, either with
FrameScript (as suggested earlier) or a custom-made plugin (which we of
course can help you with).



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?mne: extract changed texts

One client ask me to extract all lines that have any changes (=marked 
with change bars) to get a rough idea about the amount of text to 
translate.  Anyone has an idea?  There are many many pages, so manual 
mark-copy-paste is not what I would like to do.




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