1) Select some text and apply the condition "Changebar".
2) Edit->Copy Special->Conditional Text Settings.
3) Find: Character Format: As Is everywhere except Change Bars. Even
automatic change bars can be found this way.
4) Change: By Pasting


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But how do I change to a conditional text?  The alternatives in the 
"Change to" box are very limited, just Text, Character format and By 
pasting - I cannot choose a certain character tag.  Or?



At 03:22 03/04/2008, you wrote:
>A quick and simple method is to find/change all characters marked with
>change bars to a conditional text, for example called "Changebars". Then
>select all text in the document and create another conditional text called
>"Everything" and apply it to the whole document. Choose to hide all
>conditions tagged "Everything" and show conditions tagged "Changebars". As
>result only the characters with change bars is shown.
>You only get changed/inserted characters. If you want whole lines or
>paragraphs I believe you have to go for a scripting solution, either with
>FrameScript (as suggested earlier) or a custom-made plugin (which we of
>course can help you with).


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