John Pitt wrote:
> After my motherboard went feral, I had to rebuild with a new 
> motherboard, cpu, video card, etc. XP Pro had to be coerced into working 
> again, but it was OK.
> But my Acrobat Pro 8 installation now refuses to make PDFs using either 
> FM 8 or 7.1 with either Save As or print to PostScript. After a short 
> time, Frame stops responding, the top menu bar disappears, and it has to 
> be killed.
> I've Repaired, Uninstalled > Repaired, Deactivated and Activated, and 
> muttered various incantations. Nothing seems to work.
> Strangely, both Word and Excel do produce PDFs.
> Any clues?
> jjj

Make sure the printer port "FILE:" still exists.  If not, add it.

Start > Settings > Printers & Faxes
Adobe PDF properties
Ports tab
Note the port currently selected.
Find FILE: in the list?
If no, Add Port, Local Port, named FILE: (with the colon).
Reselect the previously selected port.


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