I have been running FM 8 for over a month on my XP machine at work.
Beginning yesterday, FM started responding very slowly to key presses and
mouse clicks. Scrolling in the application window, document windows, or in
dialog windows seems to function normally.

FM responds slowly with empty documents and documents of every size, with or
without images. The behavior doesn't seem associated with FM crashing. It
performs, but in really slow motion.

I have not made any changes to the maker.ini or any other program files.
This sluggishness happens whether or not I have other applications running
on the machine.

This problem does not occur with any other application I use here, including
Netscape, Lotus Notes, Photoshop or MS Word, so I have ruled out a hardware
problem with the mouse, keyboard, or cables. Also, I doubt this is caused by
a Windows OS or memory problem. Nevertheless, I've defragmented the hard
drive, removed all temp files, rebooted the machine, etc.

Before I call Adobe technical support, or uninstall and reinstall FM, does
anyone recognize these symptoms as characteristic of a particular type of
Framemaker problem, whether for version 8 or any earlier version?

Thanks in advance,

Valerie Lipow
vallipow at gmail.com

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