What's the performance monitor in Task Manager show? Is FM using lots
of CPU cycles?


On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 9:45 PM, Valerie Lipow <vallipow at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have been running FM 8 for over a month on my XP machine at work.
>  Beginning yesterday, FM started responding very slowly to key presses and
>  mouse clicks. Scrolling in the application window, document windows, or in
>  dialog windows seems to function normally.
>  FM responds slowly with empty documents and documents of every size, with or
>  without images. The behavior doesn't seem associated with FM crashing. It
>  performs, but in really slow motion.
>  I have not made any changes to the maker.ini or any other program files.
>  This sluggishness happens whether or not I have other applications running
>  on the machine.
>  This problem does not occur with any other application I use here, including
>  Netscape, Lotus Notes, Photoshop or MS Word, so I have ruled out a hardware
>  problem with the mouse, keyboard, or cables. Also, I doubt this is caused by
>  a Windows OS or memory problem. Nevertheless, I've defragmented the hard
>  drive, removed all temp files, rebooted the machine, etc.
>  Before I call Adobe technical support, or uninstall and reinstall FM, does
>  anyone recognize these symptoms as characteristic of a particular type of
>  Framemaker problem, whether for version 8 or any earlier version?
>  Thanks in advance,
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>  Valerie Lipow
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