As you probably guessed by now, it's easier to add space than take it away
without making a mess for the next revision. So I find it easier to go
long, which may mean extra pages and more white space (the price of
print). When tweaking styles, I always start with the larger text and work
my way down to paras, notes and tables.

Finally, I've used Quite Imposing for years (used to layout signatures
with tumbled boxes on one big page-ugh!). Once the software is installed,
the imposition takes (at most) a minute and you're done!  Often, the
printer will do the impositions. But having the program (around $300)
means that I don't encounter possible platform/font issues when sending
native files to the printer for imposition. It also lets me know, just
about any time, where I am with the layout.

Mollye Barrett
ClearPath, LLC

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