At 13:32 -0600 22/4/08, Linda G. Gallagher wrote:

>Continuing with my ignorance showing, the book is the third edition, all
>created with the same templates I designed a year or so ago. I just learned
>about the 16-page signatures last week. Previous editions were printed with
>a different process, and signatures were not an issue.
>I don't know yet whether I'm extending or reducing, as the content is
>currently being reviewed and the index has not yet been created. The book
>also has to be finished by May 9, so I don't have a lot of time and likely
>don't have budget for additional software or personnel. I will inquire,
>So, I likely have to make do with combination of your suggestions and what I
>can manage to figure out. Not an ideal situation, I'll grant you.

Linda: just balance the pages so that they look good, and pad out to 16s of you 
are more than 1 over, else try to drop that 1 to zero. It should get you by.


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