Template information should be embedded in the template, not linked.

Just stick your information in a text box at the bottom of the first
reference page Karene. That way it's out of sight and out of mind until you
need it.

The first of the reference pages typically (and by default) only carries a
few 'line' graphics so I leave this page for lines and template information
only in all my documents and as a result, can see the template information
in a standard format and location.

My template information consists of name, number, date, author, copyright,
default dictionary and intended use statements. This takes ten lines and I
use 9pt text so there is plenty of room on the page.

I use other pages for logo and non-line graphics.

As for Peter's information, in 12 years of using FrameMaker, I never knew
that you could do that because I have never identified a reason to look for
such an option. Now that I know it is there, it might be a nice way of
finding boilerplate information where different bits and pieces are actually
used based on the template in use. 

Things like technical specifications, company addresses, reference manuals
et al. would be nice links to have at times, particularly when you haven't
touched a document for a while and want to locate the information sources.
Thanks for the tip Peter.



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One of the little-known FrameMaker facts is that you can "hyperlink"
from a cross-reference in a "template text frame" aka "master-page dummy
frame" to an external document, with Ctrl+Alt+Click, just as on a document
body page. Use this method to store more template documentation than fits
into one frame; another benefit is that you can store all the template
documentation and tutorials in one location.


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 2:47 PM, Fred Ridder <docudoc at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  Karene Millar asked:
>  > I am responsible for maintaining the templates at my current 
> company  > and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on the best 
> place to  > store the template version. Ideas are: in a variable or 
> perhaps on a  > reference page.
>  >
>  > To be clear - I have a version number and date associated with the  
> > template so when you have a document you can look at it and identify  
> > the template version/date to see if it is using the latest templates.
>  My own preference is to document templates in the dummy body text  
> frame on the master pages. Anything that is contained in the body 
> frame  on a master page does not appear on the body pages, ever; only 
> the  "background" (e.g. header and footer) frames of the master pages  
> hold content that actually appears on the body pages.
>  One advantage to putting the template meta-data on a master page  is 
> that it's much easier to find it there (particurly if you put it on 
> one  of the default master pages) than to have to find the right 
> reference  pages. And unlike a variable, you have *lots* of room to 
> describe the  template (e.g. what has been changed/added since the 
> last version)  and even show examples as well as identifying the 
> template version  by number and/or date.
>  -Fred Ridder

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