For years we have been using filemaker and framemaker together to  
create catalogs and fliers. The way our system worked is that we would  
create a .mif export through a series of calculations in filemaker,  
export that created file, then import into an unstructructured frame  
document and go down the road building a catalog or flier.
Now, we have developed our patented software in Filemaker 9.0,  
rewritten the .mif export to include an xsl transformation and then  
create the .mif export file. The transformation allows great   
flexibility when it comes to what we export from filemaker and then  
import to Frame.
At times, however, we find certain combinations of "export choices" do  
not always play well with Frame on the PC. We get the dreaded  
"Framemaker has encountered a serious problem and must quit..."
When I import that file into Framemaker on the Mac running in classic  
it imports fine with the display of where the error is and I fix.
The big however here is when I import a troublesome file into a  
structured frame template, it imports just fine.

So getting to my question: what are the limits to structured frame  
My initial understanding is that structured frame documents are just  
that - structured. However, it seems I have the ability to design my  
pages, move paragrapgh tags here and there, override initial settings,  
and layout my catalogs and fliers as I would normally in an  
unstructured document. It also seems I can re-open that structured  
document as an unstructured document and go about my business that way  
as well.
The bottom line is I need to be able to create all my pages like  
before, book my files and create an index, and panatone colors, and  
create print-ready pdfs for our printers. Is there any reason I  
couldn't do this with structured documents? I need to assure our  
clients that this .mif import will work for them too.
What are the benefits, with my given needs, for running structured  
frame documents?

Thanks for your help.

Scott White
Media Production Manager
Implementation Coordinator
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