Thanks Lynne, I'll give that a go.

However, I must confess I do not really understand how the <insert>
element will go in the table.

On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 8:25 PM, Lynne A. Price <lprice at> wrote:
> Jakob,
>  1) To make the box around the <insert> element change size to match the
> content, make it a table.
>  2) You can automatically position the content at the bottom of the page
> with a table whose single row has a minimum row height equal to the height
> of the containing text frame and setting the vertical alignment to Bottom.
> Unfortunately, this approach precludes using table ruling to draw a box
> around the content.
>  3)  Consider using XSLT to move the <isnert> from the end of the document
> to the beginning on the way into FrameMaker and back to the end on the way
> out.
>         --Lynne
>  At 03:50 PM 4/23/2008, Jakob Fix wrote:
> >
> > I have a lot of XML files with the same structure which contain among
> > other things an element <insert>variable amount of text here</insert>
> > which comes as the last element of the document.  Each document
> > represents two or four pages of the final document.  The <insert>
> > element should appear inside a box on the bottom left corner of the
> > first page in the FrameMaker document.  Currently, we have to manually
> > move the element in between two paragraphs of the preceding text in
> > order to achieve the desired effect.
> >
> > I am wondering if there wasn't a way to automatically do this when
> > importing the XML file?  Such as somehow moving it to a Flow B which
> > would be constituted by a rectangle in the bottom left corner of the
> > first page.  Or a text inset?  A drawback is that the text inside the
> > <insert> element is of variable length, so the box would need to be
> > able to grow or to shrink.
> >
> > ...I would be really grateful for any pointers on how we could (even
> >
> > partially) automate this in some way or the other.  We're using 7.0 at
> > the moment, but considering a move to 8.x, probably even earlier if
> > the new version were to solve this problem :)
> >
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