Hi, all,

I recently had the fun experience of having lightning strike. It blew out 
the phone and cable lines, and took out computers, all the network boxes, 
TVs, and lots of other electronic equipment. Some jacks were blown out of 
the walls and even knobs got blown off of a clothes dryer!

One of the things that took a hit was my LaCie electron22blueIV monitor that 
I use for color correction of photos. It's not made anymore, so I'm looking 
to replace it with something else. Any suggestions?

At one time, LCDs were not supposed to be good enough for this purpose, but 
that seems to have changed. Is anyone still selling CRTs for this purpose, 
or are LCDs by LaCie, Eizo, and others the only options now? I'm not against 
LCDs-- and would actually prefer one, if not outrageously expensive.

Mike Wickham

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