I can't comment on the color-correctness of it .. but I recently bought 
a "refurbished" (by Apple) 20" Cinema Display, and *love* it. They go 
for $499 (free shipping) .. and come up from time to time on the Apple 
website. I needed to get a new display adapter that supported DVI 
(Radeon 9500 I believe, but am OOTO right now), but once all the pieces 
were in place it all "just worked". I did some reading up on this and 
read about some horror stories of people trying to connect an Apple 
Cinema Display to a Windows PC .. and this adapter seems to work quite 



Art Campbell wrote:
> I've been shopping too, although just fro general upgrade because my
> CRTs are near the end of their lives. The key thing to look for is an
> LCD that supports a wide color space -- as close to AdobeRGB (assuming
> that's your default) as possible. And also look at the menu controls
> -- not all LEDs have RGB color adjustments and if they don't, they
> can't be profiled.
> The LaCie 324 has gotten pretty good reviews and it's fairly cheap
> (about a grand), and Eizo, although they're pricier. There's a new 22"
> Dell ~$450 that's gotten decent reviews, but some people have
> complained about color shift across the screen; may just be new
> product bugs working out though. The Apple Cinemas are supposed to be
> pretty good also, and there's also an H-P that's pretty decent -- I
> have the model number written down at home, but it seems to be built
> on the same 22" base as the Dell -- specs seem to be about the same.
> Cheers,
> Art
> On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 1:09 PM, Mike Wickham <mewickham at compuserve.com> 
> wrote:
>> Hi, all,
>>  I recently had the fun experience of having lightning strike. It blew out
>>  the phone and cable lines, and took out computers, all the network boxes,
>>  TVs, and lots of other electronic equipment. Some jacks were blown out of
>>  the walls and even knobs got blown off of a clothes dryer!
>>  One of the things that took a hit was my LaCie electron22blueIV monitor that
>>  I use for color correction of photos. It's not made anymore, so I'm looking
>>  to replace it with something else. Any suggestions?
>>  At one time, LCDs were not supposed to be good enough for this purpose, but
>>  that seems to have changed. Is anyone still selling CRTs for this purpose,
>>  or are LCDs by LaCie, Eizo, and others the only options now? I'm not against
>>  LCDs-- and would actually prefer one, if not outrageously expensive.
>>  Mike Wickham
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