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> Richard,
> I wasn't clear enough in my situation explaination...
> Every book has multiple sections.?The front matter and the TOC need to
> display without section numbers and all other chapters in the book to
> display with section numbers. The front matter needs to appear in the TOC
> without a section number.?I don't want additional paragraph styles, just
> the ability to "hide" the section number.

Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my response. You can *only* do what you want 
with additional pgf formats. At least, you can *only* do it *properly* that way.

Why don't you want to do that? How many formats could you be talking about if 
it's just for your frontmatter (I assume that's a preface/intro section 
preceding Ch. 1). How many heading levels should you really have in 
frontmatter? Not many, IMHO. 

I, and I suspect many template designers, have specific pgf formats that are 
only used in frontmatter, not chapter files. This isn't unusual (or difficult).

I suggest you stop trying to fight the only approach that makes sense. If you 
had created the necessary 2 or 3 pgf formats, added them to the TOC, and 
modified the TOC spec accordingly, you'd be done by now. Mucking about with 
conditional text, which won't solve your problem, is just wasting time. 


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