I got the answer: There was one page where a callout circle in a screenshot had 
extended beyond the anchored frame by a fraction of an inch. That was causing 
the page (and all previous pages) to show. Once we moved that callout circle 
back within its boundaries, everything went fine.

Thanks to Rick Quatro for catching that little gotcha.


> Subject: RE: Conditional text not removing extraneous pages> Date: Fri, 29 
> Aug 2008 16:19:26 -0600> From: richard.combs at Polycom.com> To: karyn_hunt 
> at hotmail.com; framers at lists.frameusers.com> > karyn hunt wrote:> > > I'm 
> using conditional text to single source from one doc to another.> > 
> Specifically, I'm referencing a file from one book into another and> > 
> removing several sections by conditioning them out. This leaves> several> > 
> pages empty. In one circumstance, the book/PDF automatically removes> the> > 
> extra pages when I run the PDF. In another case, it doesn't. Why is> one> > 
> leaving extra pages and another isn't? And how do I fix this?> > I'm not sure 
> what you're doing, but if empty pages aren't being deleted> when you save or 
> print, it's usually because you've told FM not to. :-) > > In the file with 
> the persistent empty pages, select Format > Page Layout> > Pagination. In the 
> dialog box, Before Saving & Printing is probably> set to Don't Change Page 
> Count. Pick something else (what depends on> whether your doc is single or 
> double sided and which side the next> chapter should start on). > > The other 
> possibility is that the empty pages are using custom master> pages. FM will 
> only delete empty pages based on the default Left and> Right master pages.> > 
> If it's neither of those, then I'm not sure what's going on. > > HTH!> 
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