Hi, Donald:

As you probably know, nothing on the Internet ever dies, and this
includes the WordStar keystroke habits embedded in the cultural
unconscious of many among us.

FrameMaker keystroke shortcuts are not the same as WS, though some of
Windows are quite similar. Instead of ^S ^D ^E and ^X for character
left, right, and line up, down, arrow keys do it.

Look up keystrokes in FM help, and framemaker keystrokes and
framemaker keystroke shortcuts on Google to find some charts and
listings of some of the many things that you can do in FM without a

Also, open a copy of the command text files in the configui folder
under your FM installation directory, to see listings of the many
commands and their keystrokes built into FM. Read about how to create
your own, as well as customizing menus, in the PDF Customizing
Framemaker, also under the FM installation directory.

To truly mimic WS commands, search for a third-party keystroke macro recorder.


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 1:08 PM, Donlad W. Spencer
<donandjudy1 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Rick Q. et al:
> I recently gave up on converting a one-file book to a master/sub-document
> group in MSWord because of the infuriating problems thus created. Having
> previously self published a rather complicated book through Framemaker 7.2,
> I decided to migrate the book now and have done with it. I am almost over
> the re-learning curve and have solved all the formatting and numbering
> problems. However, what I have given up are the macro/hotkeys which I had
> developed in Word that emulated my old Worstar navigation and editing
> hotkeys. Without them, I'm stuck with creating a Temp.doc in Word, composing
> within it, saving it, and then importing it into my Frame book.
> If I purchased FrameScript, could I create the same macros? Or must I change
> my OS to Unix and purchase the Unix version of Framemaker?
> Can't really afford either choice, but in case my situation improves, I
> would like to know my options.
> ~ Don Spencer

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