Rick Q. et al:

I recently gave up on converting a one-file book to a master/sub-document
group in MSWord because of the infuriating problems thus created. Having
previously self published a rather complicated book through Framemaker 7.2,
I decided to migrate the book now and have done with it. I am almost over
the re-learning curve and have solved all the formatting and numbering
problems. However, what I have given up are the macro/hotkeys which I had
developed in Word that emulated my old Worstar navigation and editing
hotkeys. Without them, I'm stuck with creating a Temp.doc in Word, composing
within it, saving it, and then importing it into my Frame book.

If I purchased FrameScript, could I create the same macros? Or must I change
my OS to Unix and purchase the Unix version of Framemaker?

Can't really afford either choice, but in case my situation improves, I
would like to know my options.

~ Don Spencer

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