Hi fellow framers,

As so many other people in Iceland, and around the world for that
matter, my company is struggling and has made many layoffs recently.
Friday last I was one of the unlucky (or maybe lucky?) to be laid off,
but in my case, I have 6 months notice rights (which is good if the
company survives that long, which is not all that certain). So I will
be up for any odd jobs that can be worked on overseas. I have a couple
of times done overseas jobs from home, so that should not be a

I will, of course, be applying for a job locally, but there are almost
no companies in Iceland that are using FrameMaker, so my FM knowledge
might not be such an advance here.

I hope you will forgive me if you find me misusing the list, sending
this message, but I think it is at least useful for us all to see how
the job market is from time to time.
(Please don't send any condolences -- this is not the end of the world -- yet!)

Best regards,
Bodvar Bjorgvinsson

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