Hi Klaus,

Thanks for the information. I wasn't aware of these problems.


Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc

Les, David, Rick,

> You shouldn't encounter any problems working in an
> Unstructured (Standard) FM document while FrameMaker
> is set for Structured.

> This is no problem whatsoever.

Actually, I regularly encounter an annoying problem when
working with unstructured documents while FrameMaker is
set for Structured:
When saving unstructured documents with structured FM
as MIF and those MIFs are opened in unstructured FM,
the "Document is Structured" error message does occur.

You can reproduce this the following way:
- Start FM in structured mode
- Create & save a new document
- Create & save a new book
- Add the document to the book
- Update the book
- Save the document as MIF
- Change the FM product interface to (unstructured) FrameMaker
- Restart FrameMaker
- Open the saved MIF file
=> The follwing message does occur

>  This document contains structure information.
>  The current interface does not read structure information.
>  If you continue, the structure information will be
>  removed. Editing and saving this document may result
>  in a loss of information. [...]
>  Options:
>  (?) Open as View Only
>  ( ) Open for Editing
>  [Continue]   [Cancel]

If multiple people (with differently set FM structure modes)
are working with such documents, this can be pretty annoying,
because it is not obvious that this error message is
inaccurate and the document is actually unstructured.

A 'usual' workflow in a translation environment:
- Person A does a quality check of the documents to translate
  (with structured FM) and saves the docs as MIF.
- After translation into multiple languages, the layout
  persons B, C and D are irritated because they get those
  error messages.

The error message is caused by the "DBookElementHierarchy /
ElementContext" entries in the "Document" node that are
written into the MIF file.

When saving documents with FrameScript as MIF, there is
unfortunately no option to strip/suppress this gratuitous
structure information.

Kind regards,
Klaus M?ller, itl AG

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