While I'm drawing on your endless font of wisdom, O Frame Gurus, I have 
another question: I see a document-compare function in Framemaker, but 
my web search has not turned up a tag-compare function within (or 
between) documents.

My document has an Anchor paragraph tag and an AnchorTable paragraph 
tag. In my zeal to reduce the number of tags, I'd like to know the 
difference between these tags.

I know how to print out an exhaustive list of tags (I think it's from 
that lovely CleanImport plugin), so I can go cross-eyed comparing the 
tag properties in print. BUT . . . is there a way within Frame, or with 
a plugin, to compare two tags using the astonishing powers of the 
computer, which doesn't even go crosseyed with effort?

I seem to be in a weird mood. Please ignore weird mood, but answer 
question if you can. Thanks!


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