> I have gone with "1(a)...(c)" for now, but you are right, "1(a) to
1(c)" is more correct.

> I do like that idea though Stuart, how about 1(a...c)?

> Cheers
> Alan

Ummm ... I think the "1(a) to 1(c)" is best. The "1(a...c)" is a bit too
unusual looking and *could* lead to confusion. The "1(a)...(c)" is not
bad, but the missing '1' before the 'c' makes it a *bit* less appealing.

BTW, *sometimes*, I have gotten carried away and used, in similar
situations, constructs like "1(a) through 1(c)" or even "1(a) through to
1(c)", but these are both overkill ... particularly when the 'c' is not
too "far away" from 'a', if you know what I mean! :)


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