I have a fm 7.2 fm file with an old template which works fine.

I  have the same file converted to FM 8 with a whole new temlate which
apparently is corrupted. 

When I press carriage return the cusor stop at page 40, inserts a line
above the cursor and I cannot press carriage return anymore - the cursor
is stuck at the bottom.
The file has been written on a German Framemaker and updated on an
English Framemaker.

Converting to .mif and opening in Framemaker does not change anything.

Is there a tool that can repair Framemaker files or do you have anoter

Of course I can the old fm 7.2 to version 8 and put on a new template -
but this is quite a job.

Med venlig hilsen - Best regards
Verner Andersen
Technical Writer

Radiometer Medical ApS
Phone +45 3827 3612
Fax +45 3827 2727
verner.andersen at radiometer.dk

Radiometer Medical ApS 
Akandevej 21 
2700 Bronshoj 
Phone: +45 38 27 38 27 
CVR: 27 50 91 85 


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