I've found the way Yves describes to provide the most flexibility in my
documents...it is another paragraph tag AND I've found I end up needing a
table and *get* to fight with the table-in-a-table challenges. So I would
definitely second this approach, even tho I agree with Cheryl's table

I actually ran into this requirement a couple of weeks ago and my client
dearly wanted to have the items tagged using one paragraph tag...couldn't
get it to happen since the numbers came out in some kind of gibberish!

Happy holidays to all and blessings for a wonderful 2009.


On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 8:13 AM, Yves Barbion <yves.barbion at gmail.com>wrote:

> Indeed, Cheryl's suggestion is a good one, but there is also another way:
>   1. Create a dedicated paratag ("checkbox") for the check box, with
>   Wingdings or Zapf Dingbats as a character tag for the autonumbering.
>   2. Make the checkbox a run-in head (Paragraph Designer > Pagination >
>   Run-in Head.
>   3. For checkbox, specify that the regular "step" paratag must be the next
>   paratag (Paragraph Designer > Basic tab > Next Pgf Tag: step).
>   4. For the "step" paratag, specify that checkbox should be the next
>   paratag.
> You will get check boxes and steps alternatively as you press ENTER.
> The advantage of this approach is that you can easily insert tables in your
> steps. You can also insert tables in tables in FM, but this takes a bit of
> "gymnastics".
> I have tested this and it seems to work nicely. If you need the fm file to
> see how it has been done, just drop me an e-mail.

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