Because my page layout contains a sidehead margin, and to provide
maximum flexibility for those assigning checkboxes to the numbered steps
(regardless of the level--1, a, or i--with which the checkbox aligns), I
created an anchored frame with a small square (drawn with Frame tools)
in it on a reference page. If you know of an unpleasant consequence of
using this approach, please let me know.

Here are the specs (measurements in inches) if you want to try it out:

Anchoring Position: Left

Side: Left

Distance Above Baseline: -0.047

Distance from text frame: 0.1

W: 0.196 

H 0.175

Once a procedure is written, the writer copies this anchored frame once
and pastes it in at every desired step, which is not a big
responsibility in the document set for which I'm designing this
solution.  The training designer who will use it has tried it out
and--though he'd prefer something more automated--found this easy to

Thanks to all reached out to help me solve this one.  Wishing you all
health and job security in 2009!

Doug Eaton
Technical Communications 
Sensis Corporation


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