Still working on my template. I've whittled down the tags for my Index 
file to only those that are used in the file.

When I switch from the Master page to the Body page of my Index file, I 
get a message that there are overrides on every page. I always say 
"Remove overrides," but the next time I switch between Master and Body 
pages, I get the same message.

When I use the File/Utilities/Overrides function, which Frame says is 
the way to identify the problem, my catalogs do indeed fill up with new 
tag names -- but they are tags used all over the document and NOT in my 
Index file. This happens even if I have closed all other files and the 
book file itself.

I don't know why that's happening, and it's useless to me since none of 
those tags is used in the Index.

Is there some clever way to output to a MIF file to identify the real 
overrides? You see, I'm learning! Or, do you have any other insights 
into why Frame tells me there are overrides, and how I can eliminate 

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