I've been struggling with just this problem.

I solved it by
1. Inserting a disconnected page (Special > Add Disconnected Pages) that uses 
the same Master Page as the misbehaving body page,
2. Copying the text from the "bad" body page into the new body page, and
3. Deleting the old body page.

You may then need to connect the body page flow of the new body page to the  
other body pages. I think the way to do that is to select Autoconnect in the 
object properties of the frame of the new body page.


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Sadly, this does not work. If I flip back and forth between Master and
Body pages, and select "Remove Overrides" each time, and change nothing
on the body pages, I get the "Remove Overrides" prompt each time.

Also if I save after removing the overrides, and also if I reapply the
master pages to the file.


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