It's Murphy's Law. The one time I send a question to the list, our
e-mail system goes on the fritz and I'm missing the digests that
contained my question and replies (although I did get some replies to my
regular e-mail address rather than just the digest-thanks to those who

I don't know whether the archives make it possible to get entire
digests, but I thought it would be easier to just ask some kind Framer
to forward me the digests that I am missing. I need Vol. 38, issues 13,
14, and 16. 

Could someone please send them to my individual e-mail address below,
and maybe just send a quick note to the list that you have done so, so
that people know that I now have copies of them and I don't get zillions
of replies after that? 

It would be most appreciated. (I will be out the next two weeks, so
there is no hurry.) Thanks!

Wendy McGovern
Publications Editor
Pennsylvania Bar Institute
5080 Ritter Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-6903
1-800-932-4637, ext. 2257
wmcgovern at

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