Does not this depend very much on what you want to include in the
PDFs? Regular PDFs are no pain. I regularly pdf from various apps in
Linux, but nothing really fancy, as I have not seen the need there
yet. Most "foreign" PDFs have been no problem for me. Only a few times
I have had problems with opening pdf pages directly from websites, but
then I have had such problems on the Windoze too. In both situations
it has often to do with unstability of the "Temporary Internet
Folder(s)" or the browsers use of them.



2008/12/20 Jack DeLand <jdeland1 at>:
> I would appreciate hearing from anyone who's successful in creating PDFs for 
> Linux.  We have a sporadic failure of jumps between PDFs. Any help 
> appreciated - deadline looming.
> Thanks
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