Hello Morgan,

> [...] Customize Layout,
> I don't see an option for Combined Fonts

Unnecessarily (imo), Adobe restricted the availability
of some Asian specific commands to be visible only with
an Asian system locale.

You can activate the CombinedFonts command by opening
your "fminit\configui\cmds.cfg" file with a text editor.
Find "Command CombinedFonts", change "<AsianFonts Yes>"
to "<AsianFonts No>" and restart FrameMaker.
Now you are able to create or change the CombinedFont
definitions of your document via "Format > Document
> Combined Fonts".

This is also possible for some other commands like
InsertRubi and RubiProperties.

Note that if you import the char or paragraph formats
from one document with specified combined fonts into
another document (without combined font definitions),
the combined font definitions were always automatically
inserted. This is also true for just copying some
selected text from a document that has a combined font

*But* if you already have combined font definitions in
your documents and want to change those definitions globally
in all documents, there's apparently no way to achieve
this. FrameMaker won't change existing (equally named)
combined font definitions on format import.
Unlike with an Asian system locale, there's no (visible)
"Combined Font" checkbox on the Import Formats dialog.

Anyway: This checkbox is actually there - it's just not
visible. Therefore, you obviously cannot select its property.
The funny thing is: If you press the "Select all" button
on the import dialog (and manually unselect some or all
other visible checkboxes), the changed combined font
definitions *will* be imported!

(I'm sure you can also change the definitions of your
combined fonts globally by global replacements in the
MIF files.)

Kind regards,
Klaus M?ller, itl AG

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From: Hayward, Morgan (Bolton)
Date: 23.12.2008 22:34
> Hi Framers,
> I'm trying to edit the combined fonts in my template, but when I go to
> Customize Layout, I don't see an option for Combined Fonts. Can anyone
> tell me how to make this option available, please?
> Regards,
> Morgan
> Windows XP, FrameMaker 8.0
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