Dear list members,

Our company is planning to upgrade from FrameMaker 7.0 to FrameMaker 8.0. At 
the moment we see that with FM 7.0 there are incorrect font displays in the CEE 
languages. Now it is being solved by the SDL 2006 filter, FontMapper for 
FrameMaker, however this is manual work and errors are very likely to happen.

I am not expert really, what I am hearing is that FM 7.0 is non-unicode, 
whereas FM 8.0 is unicode.

Can you maybe confirm that in FM 8.0 these incorrect font displays do not 

Do you have any experience in migrating from FM 7.0 to FM 8.0, is there 
anything special that needs to be considered?

Thank you, regards to all,

?rp?d Asztalos, Medtronic, Maastricht


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