I am whiling away a snowy Boston day fixing hundreds of broken x-refs. 

My process: I update the book and get the long, long list of bum links. Then I 
click on them one at a time, working my way patiently through the list. But my 
patience is wearing thin, and maybe it doesn't have to...

When I click the link, the file window appears, with the link highlighted. 

I double-click the link to repair it, and see the "Cannot find source file..." 
error message.

I click OK and the Cross-Reference dialog opens. 

Annoyance #1: The Source Type: is always set to Cross-Ref, but I invariably use 
Paragraph Tags so I have to switch it. I'd love a switch somewhere to set it to 
default to Paragraph Tags.

Annoyance #2: The paragraph list starts alphabetically. I wish it showed only 
Paragraph Tags in the target doc that actually have X-Refs. For example, I 
never have X-Refs to bulleted list items or to text with the CellBody style, so 
it would be much easier if those weren't even in the list. I guess that's a 
wish-list item for Adobe.

Annoyance #3: After I have selected Para Tags and the specific ParaTag I am 
X-reffing to (usually Heading 1 or 2), then I select the Document. The list of 
document files seems essentially random. I wish I knew how they are ordered, 
and better yet how to sort them in book order or at least alphabetically.

If anybody has insights or clues to make this less tedious, I will have a very 
happy new year indeed. 

And if not, well a very Happy New Year to you all anyway, with thanks for all 
your great year-round support on this list!

John Sgammato
Principal Technical Writer
Imprivata, Inc
Lexington, MA  02421

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