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>First, Happy new year to you!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you've got the day off to
>I am trying to find a way to eliminate the extra space that follows a text
>inset and could swear I've seen something (although I can't seem to find
>I have a specific tag I use for anchoring text insets. That tag is set to 2
>pt with 2 pts line spacing and I anchor the text inset to that tag when I
>import it into the container document.
>I've tried:
>   - Including the same anchor tag at the beginning of the text inset (per a
>   message I saw somewhere)
>   - Setting the line spacing to fixed and not fixed
>   - Putting an em space at the beginning of the line where the text inset
>   is anchored (I've done this to avoid the issue with repeating an
>   autonumbered tag before...works for that purpose!)
>   - Reformat using current document formats
>   - Retain source's formatting
>I'm using Frame 7.0p492 under Windows XP Home with all updates.
>Any suggestions?

Try putting a space at the *end* of the line where the inset is
anchored, before you import the inset.  IIRC, that's the trick.

All the best!

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