Been using Frame since FM 3.0 on Mac back in 1990/91.  Don't remember
when I found/first posted to the framers list, but it was a looooooong
time ago, probably under my maiden name.

Used it on Mac, Win, and Unix at various locations over the years. (Hey,

Was on first name terms with Jack (forgive the spelling here) Oyarcabal
in Frame TechSupport... "Hi, Jack, it's Carla..." was all it took. I
know I made lots and lots of suggestions back in those early years for
bug fixes and enhancements that later saw light in future releases -- my
favorite way to start a Tech Support call with Jack was "Frame should be
able to do this..."  :-)  I even wrote up a conversion process back then
for getting PageMaker files into Frame that their TechSupport later
borrowed for their own use.

Helped start the Framemaker User Network Chicago (FUN Chicago) back
in... 92?... with my old manager and a woman whose name I'm now
forgetting (she was blonde) and who was a Sales Engineer for Frame based
here in their Chicago office over by one of the cholocate factories.

Sigh... I'm feeling REALLY old now!


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