I started using FrameMaker on a Sun 3/50 (black and white screen!) in
Sun OpenLook back in 1988. The company tech writers used Interleaf, but
that was too expensive for us developers who were writing the internal

I did not interact with any Frame users group or Usenet group that I can
recall, but I do remember getting help from a Frame employee, Sandy Knox
(I hope I have the name right), on a number of occasions.

Later in the early to mid nineties, I beta-tested FrameMaker 4 or 5 on a
Windows system - worked with one of the QA people at Frame, Susan
Di-Tullio, to get them the feedback.

I only joined the Frame Users group recently, so I am a newbie in that
regard! :)


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> Been using Frame since FM 3.0 on Mac back in 1990/91.  Don't remember
> when I found/first posted to the framers list, but it was a looooooong
> time ago, probably under my maiden name.
> Used it on Mac, Win, and Unix at various locations over the years.
> Was on first name terms with Jack (forgive the spelling here)
> in Frame TechSupport... "Hi, Jack, it's Carla..." was all it took. I
> know I made lots and lots of suggestions back in those early years for
> bug fixes and enhancements that later saw light in future releases --
> favorite way to start a Tech Support call with Jack was "Frame should
> able to do this..."  :-)  I even wrote up a conversion process back
> for getting PageMaker files into Frame that their TechSupport later
> borrowed for their own use.
> Helped start the Framemaker User Network Chicago (FUN Chicago) back
> in... 92?... with my old manager and a woman whose name I'm now
> forgetting (she was blonde) and who was a Sales Engineer for Frame
> here in their Chicago office over by one of the cholocate factories.
> Sigh... I'm feeling REALLY old now!
> -Carla
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