Graeme R Forbes wrote:
> I have a proof consisting in a sequence of lines across a page, each 
> a paragraph, and  each line separated from the next by a shallow 
> anchored frame that contains a separator line. Each line/para is set 
> to keep with the next one since the whole proof must display on the 
> same page. However, in order to get one of the lines to fit across 
> the page, I had to use a soft return, and FM allows the proof to 
> break across the page at the soft return. Is there some way of 
> preventing this while retaining the soft return, or will I have to 
> use two paragraphs?

Chiming in late here, but did you ever get a resolution to this?

I don't fully understand how inserting a soft return caused a single 
line to fit across the page -- surely that must have resulted in two lines??

At any rate, I would use the Frame Below property to add the separator 
line, and I would specify a large number of Widow/Orphan lines on the 
pagination tab.  My test document in FM 7.0 does not break a pgf at a 
soft return with Orphans set to 5, so I think that would work with your 
  one or two line situation.


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