I'm not sure that there is anything to be gained by structuring a generated
file in a FM book. Of course, bookmarks and Search eliminate the need for
these links in an electronic PDF, and hyperlinks of any kind are irrelevant
in a printed document.

However, when I generated a PDF of the original book, with structured
chapters and generated TOC and Index, the PDF links were broken from the TOC
and Index. (In addition, the inter-chapter cross-references were broken,
while the intra-chapter links were intact. But that's a different message.)

My client was unhappy, and I was surprised, that when FM generated the PDF
(with bookmarks and tagging), the TOC links didn't work. So, I'm looking to
see if there is a way to impose structure easily on generated files.

Valerie Lipow
vallipow at gmail.com

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Need Help

 I am under the impression that most FrameMaker books built from structured
components have unstructured generated files. What is there to be gained
by making the generated files structured?

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> Subject: Creating a working generated TOC using Structured Framemaker -
Need Help

> I have inherited a book containing multiple documents and generated TOC
> Index. The documents have been structured. However, I want to structure
> TOC and Index as well. I have created a Conversion Table and an EDD to
> impose structure on the generated TOC.
> As I was experimenting with this type of EDD on a generated file, I saw in
> the Structure View that FM imposes a <hypertext> element in the TOC that
> captured the .fm link to the Heading in the document that was added to the
> TOC design. However, the text of the Heading appears outside the
> i.e., the pointer to the Heading and the Heading text are separated in the
> structure, and FM created the marker to the pointer, although the marker
> absent in the EDD.
> I understood that because no <hypertext> marker was in the EDD, the
> <hypertext> pointer ID in file.fm </hypertext> was not recognized when I
> imposed the EDD on the document. So, I added a marker in the EDD called
> <hypertext>.
> When I reimposed the EDD on the generated TOC, the content appears as
> follows:
> <Heading /Level/TOC>
> <hypertext> the link to the source in the .fm document </hypertext>
> .....the text of the Heading in the .fm document
> </Heading /Level/TOC>
> What should the EDD look like to capture the Heading and the pointer?
> Thanks in advance,
> --
> Valerie Lipow
> vallipow at gmail.com
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