I have inherited a book containing multiple documents and generated TOC and
Index. The documents have been structured. However, I want to structure the
TOC and Index as well. I have created a Conversion Table and an EDD to
impose structure on the generated TOC.

As I was experimenting with this type of EDD on a generated file, I saw in
the Structure View that FM imposes a <hypertext> element in the TOC that
captured the .fm link to the Heading in the document that was added to the
TOC design. However, the text of the Heading appears outside the structure;
i.e., the pointer to the Heading and the Heading text are separated in the
structure, and FM created the marker to the pointer, although the marker was
absent in the EDD.

I understood that because no <hypertext> marker was in the EDD, the
<hypertext> pointer ID in file.fm </hypertext> was not recognized when I
imposed the EDD on the document. So, I added a marker in the EDD called

When I reimposed the EDD on the generated TOC, the content appears as

<Heading /Level/TOC>
<hypertext> the link to the source in the .fm document </hypertext>
.....the text of the Heading in the .fm document
</Heading /Level/TOC>

What should the EDD look like to capture the Heading and the pointer?

Thanks in advance,
Valerie Lipow
vallipow at gmail.com

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