Please see every email from the past 10 plus years that I've posted to the
Frame Users about the demise of Frame. Rather than writing it again it helps
me. I should just put that message into a CMS as a DITA file for the future
so that I can reuse it over and over and over when the rumor starts up. 

I'm at the FrameMaker Chautauqua in North Carolina right now. Adobe is here.
They are talking about the future of the product. The development team is
here. They are interviewing people and discussing requirements for the
future. There is an active discussion between all attendees and I can't
possibly see it all being done for show.

So, while I don't work for Adobe, I can say definitively that there is a
future for the product. I'm in direct contact with all levels of the dev
team right here and there are all moving ahead.

Add to that the tech comm suite and the future looks bright.


Bernard Aschwanden
Director of Technology and Publishing Architecture
Bright Path Solutions 

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I would like to know if anybody has some reliable first-hand information
about the future of FrameMaker.  I have recently heard of people having
attended Adobe training sessions for FrameMaker that Adobe may/will probably
stop FrameMaker development.  As the organization I am working for is a big
user of FrameMaker (but we don't currently have any direct contacts with
Adobe), we are getting slightly worried about the future.

Any insights will be greatly appreciated.


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