Hi Deirdre,

If these are chapter names, it's probably showing up because you changed
your view conditional text settings in those chapters to deal with your
problem. Frame will warn you if you have them different in different
chapters in a book. Theoretically, you'll want them all set for Print
Only or Help Only when you're doing production.

To change all the conditional text settings in a book at once, highlight
all chapters and click View > Show/Hide conditional text.

FYI, you can also get messages like this (like about page numbers being
inconsistent) when you make changes in a book. Update the book and it
will probably disappear....


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Thanks all for the responses.  I've discovered that the Ts are
conditional text markers.  They hide the word "Or."

Ok then!  I deleted them, ran my book, and now am getting the message:
Show/Hide setting for FM8_TRACK_CHANGES_ADDED is inconsistent.
Show/Hide setting for FM8_TRACK_CHANGES_DELETED is inconsistent.

Anyone know what I should do (other than reinsert the conditional text
-- we don't need those paragraphs anymore) to get rid of this message?



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