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Frankly, this sounds like an enormous pain, both to maintain and to
extend, as you've discovered.  It also helps this list give you the best
advice and targeted suggestions when you tell us the platform (e.g.
Windows, Mac) and version of Frame (FM 6, FM 7.2, FM 8,...) and whether
this is structured or unstructured.

The key is your statement "created new tags..."  Because the first
figure uses a new tag, and the subsequent ones use an existing tag, the
first is not automatically included when you generate/update the LOF and
the others are.

You will have to add the new tag to the list of figures by setting up
the LOF again, and adding to the list of tags to be included those that
you added on Chapter 5000.  This would be the tag in the new chapter
file, such as "Figure #, 5001" and not "Figure #, 5001LOF" - FM will
create that on the reference page of the LOF.  You can add the tags by
right-clicking on the List of Figures file in the book window and
selecting "Setup List of Figures".  In the dialog window that appears,
move the desired "Figure #" tag from the "Don't Include" list (right
side) to the "Include" list (left side).

You will also have to be sure the newly added items (xxxLOF tags in the
List of Figures file) are formatted properly on the LOF reference page,
mirroring the building blocks and style of other 'figure' tags).

Back to my earlier "enormous pain" comment:

You should not have to create new tags whenever you add a new chapter
but instead use the existing tags in the template (e.g., "Figure #")
These should be the same tag name in all files, but may have format
overrides for the first instance to set the figure number as needed.  Of
course, you will have to NOT remove format overrides if you ever import
an updated template into the chapters or else will need to redo the
format override.  Or at use a pair of tags, "Figure_1" and "Figure" and
DO NOT have the "Figure_1" tag in your template.  Then you would be able
to update all other tags and remove overrides by importing the template
definitions, and just need to make adjustments to the Figure_1 tag
formatting if necessary in the individual chapters.

Even better would be to change the numbering scheme (often easier said
than done, I realize), to something such as Figure 5000-1 or Figure
5000.1, which could easily be a single tag with numbering format such as
"F:Figure <$chapnum>-<n+>" so that they pick up the existing chapter
number and just increment a figure counter. 

I presume that you may have similar numbering for tables, but with a
different series identified, such as T: instead of the F: for figures.
The same logic applies to a List of Tables, where either you will need
to re-setup the LOT for a new tag in a new chapter, or simply reuse the
same tags and the new information appears automatically when you update
the book because the tags are already included.

I hope this helps.

On Friday, February 15, 2008 12:40 PM, Deirdre Reagan wrote:

| Hi all:
| I have a document that has multiple chapters.  In Chapter 1000,
| the figures are Figure 1001, Figure 1002, etc.  The same goes for
| Chapter 2000, 3000, etc.
| In each chapter, the primary figure -- Figure 1001 for example --
| has it's own tag (Figure #, 1001), and the Autonumber Format is 
| F:Figure < ><n=1001>.
| The following figures -- Figures 1002, 1003, 1004 -- have their
| own tag (Figure #), and the Autonumber Format is F:Figure < ><n+>.
| The same is true for all the chapters.
| So here's my problem:  I've added a new chapter and created new
| tags in that chapter for the primary and following figures, using
| the format above.  I have Figure 5001, 5002, and 5003.
| However, when I run the TOF, the TOF picks up the Figure 5002 and
| Figure 5003 but not Figure 5001.  It also doesn't have Figure #,
| 5001LOF in the Paragraph Designer.  It does have Figure #, 1001LOF,
| Figure #, 2001LOF etc.
| Does anyone know how I can get the TOF to populate itself with
| Figure #, 5001LOF?
| Thanks!
| Deirdre

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