Frame 7.2
I am documenting an application with all sorts of reports that can be
generated and displayed by selecting the appropriate screen in a
dialog box.
Each sort of report is described in the documentation with a  heading
2 that used to say "The xy Statistics screen" and explains what you do
with it and available options, explains the meaning of the parameters
they see etc.
Now I would like to call all of the headings "Displaying Xy
Statistics", Displaying z statistics etc.
The FrameMaker problem I am encountering is that originally at the
beginning of the section someone had written, "the following screens
are available and had a list of cross references to all of the titles
which were each called xy screen etc."
Now I have changed the title the cross reference to these headings
will say, the following statistics can be displayed, and say for each
cross reference "Displaying xy statistics etc."
I like this list of cross reference as when I convert the files to
help, they are my hyperlinks, as well as the fact that we distribute
the documentation as PDFs.
The question is:
Can I create a cross reference to somewhere, when the text that
appears in the cross reference is something that I type in, and not
the text that appears in Heading 2 (i.e. will say xy statistics, even
though the header it jumps to is called Displaying xy statistics)?
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