Carrie Baker wrote:

> Can I create a cross reference to somewhere, when the text 
> that appears in the cross reference is something that I type 
> in, and not the text that appears in Heading 2 (i.e. will say 
> xy statistics, even though the header it jumps to is called 
> Displaying xy statistics)?

Well, others have suggested workarounds/kludges to let you do it with
xrefs. But the simpler solution is to use hyperlinks instead of xrefs.
Here's how: 

1) Open the Hypertext dialog (Special > Hypertext). It's non-modal and
can stay open throughout the process. 

2) Put your cursor in the "Displaying XY Statistics" Heading 2 (I
recommend always putting the destination markers at the beginning of the
destination pgfs, but that's up to you). 

3) In the Hypertext dialog, set Command to Specify Named Destination.
The word "newlink" appears in the box below. Add a unique, meaningful
name for this destination, such as "xy," so that the box contains
"newlink xy" (sans quotes). Then click New Hypertext Marker. FM puts a
marker symbol ("T") at your cursor position.

4) Now go to where you want the list of screens. Enter the screen name
"XY Statistics," highlight the text, and apply a character format that
gives it your xref/hyperlink appearance (blue underlined, or whatever). 

5) With "XY Statistics" still highlighted (or the cursor somewhere in
it), go to the Hypertext dialog and set Command to Jump to Named
Destination. The word "gotolink" appears in the box below. Add the name
you gave the destination marker ("xy") so that the box contains
"gotolink xy" (sans quotes). Click New Hypertext Marker. 

That's it. If the Validate check box was selected (the default), FM will
inform you if it couldn't find the named destination (usually because
you misremembered or mistyped the marker text you entered in step 3).
Otherwise, you can test your new hyperlink by holding down the Ctrl and
Alt keys while you click the link. 

Once you've done one, it'll take less time to do the next ten than it
took to read this long-winded procedure. :-)


Richard G. Combs
Senior Technical Writer
Polycom, Inc.
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